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Robert H Scott joined the British army at the age of fifteen and spent nineteen years as a soldier and musician in the second battalion the parachute regiment, he travelled to many countries across Europe the middle east and far east, serving the best part of his young life outside the UK.

In 1973 Robert was the band sergeant major of 2 para band and helped to form within the band a dance group called Airborne, this group comprised of four musicians, Tony Akehurst (lead singer guitar) Ron Strawbridge (singer guitar) Tony Davidson (singer guitar) Robert Scott (singer sax)

Almost from day one the group were successful and played prestigious venues such as Dorchester hotel London etc, at that time they were purely a dance group and only Tony Akehurst sang but within a short time they all started to sing and became the four part harmony group which gave them their success.


In October 1973 airborne had an audition for Opportunity Knocks which was a sort of Britain’s got talent of its day. The audition went well and they were promised a spot on the show sometime in the near future.

They first appeared on the show in January 1974 and went on to win six times which was quite an achievement, a record amount of wins in its day. In April 1974 all the members of airborne decided to leave the army and work for mecca agency, the largest agency in England.

Although airborne were very successful after a few months Robert left and within a year the band split up. During his time in the group and after, Robert was writing songs, he had many published but never really found success, according to the publishers because the songs were middle of the road, and it was difficult to persuade artists to sing them, most singers are singer songwriters only a few accept other peoples work and they usually stick to writers they know.

Robert has decided that rather than leave his songs on the shelf never to be listened to, he would display some of them on the net, and see how people react. Some of the songs are the finished product others just demo’s, have a listen and see what you think.

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